Breyer Cloud's Legend

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Cloud, an unmistakable pale Palomino stallion roaming free in Montana's Pryor mountains, had his life documented from his birth in 1995 by Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrin's. Kathrin's’ films about cloud and his herd have aired on the PBS Series nature, and inspired many to learn about the plight and incredible lives of Mustangs in the American West. As an aging stallion, cloud sired his final three foals with mare, Feldspar: mats Ski, a blaze-faced blue Roan who is a soft grey color as a baby; his little sister, Encore, a striking replica of her father; and pride, a pale Buckskin Colt. In 2013 cloud was injured in battle, scattering his family into new herds. Mats Ski became a Bachelor stallion, and yearling Encore paired up with a young stallion named Knight. Feldspar sought refuge with her mother in the band LED by Mescalero and gave birth to pride, Cloud's last foal. A year later gallant cloud disappeared. Like a true legend, his body has never been found. Cloud's offspring, and his remarkable story, will ensure that his legacy and bloodline continue to roam free in the Pryor mountains. from the Manufacturer: Breyer is the maker of the world's finest model horses! Since 1950, Breyer has brought a wide range of horse breeds from around the world to life for play and collecting – including real horse heroes like racehorse Secretariat, Olympian Valero, and reining superstar Big chef to Cash! The Traditional Series offers an unmatched level of realism and attention to detail that is appreciated by children and adults alike. Each 1: 9 scale model is meticulously hand-painted in rich colors, so no two are exactly the same. Breyer has an incredible community of model horse fans, artists, and collectors, and is proud to host Briefest: a three-day extravaganza for horse lovers and Breyer enthusiasts each July in Kentucky! Bring home a Breyer model, and let your imagination run free! Breyer Traditional Series: what started 69 years ago with a model horse created to decorate a clock has since become Breyer most iconic series, the one that revolutionized the Hobby and still dominates the market. Sculpted in every color and breed imaginable, with unmatched realism and breathtaking hand-painted detail, Breyer Traditional Series (1: 9 scale) is a longstanding favorite among children and adults the world over. Fans who play with these beloved models can build entire worlds around them with realistic accessories like barns, fencing, tack, trailers and even riders. about Breyer: the Breyer promise - the Breyer “promise” is the commitment we make to you, Our fans. With Breyer, you are getting a real horse of your very own. Whether a traditional best-seller or brand new product, every Breyer Horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world's leading equine experts. Our commitment to high quality material and hand crafting mean that just like in nature, No two Breyer models are exactly alike. Because nothing is as magical as having a horse of your very own. Quite simply, we want to help everyone discover how inspiring horses can be.