Cloud's Legacy

Breyer Horses

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The Wild Stallion returns! This collectible Breyer gift set includes these four wild Mustangs: Cloud, his blue roan mare Sitka, and his two foals, the palomino Bolder and grulla Flint!

Various Traditional size Breyer Models
(Largest 6H" x 2.5W" x 9L")

Cloud's Legacy Proud and free, the wild horses of Montana's Arrowhead range lead an exhilarating existence, but many dangers threaten their safety and well-being. From lightening strikes in the high mountain ranges to the brutal Northern Rockies winter, even the environment can be deadly for these creatures. First introduced in the groundbreaking documentary Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies, Cloud became a band stallion at age five when he acquired Sitka, a pregnant blue roan mare, and her yearling daughter. Sitka later gave birth to Cloud's stepson Flint, a light grullo colt. But Cloud also has a full son that is born into another band. When another stallion became injured, Cloud stole one of his mares. Not strong enough to hold the mare, Cloud lost her to another stallion. But Cloud's son, almost a carbon copy of his father, is unmistakable. Originally named Little Cloud, Bolder earned his new name as his independent personality evolved.