Baby Giraffe Ecokins

287 Wild Republic

$ 22.99 


A perfect bedtime companion for your little ones is this 12" playful and plush giraffe. Redefining cuteness in a unique way, this giraffe boasts of brown patches, long neck and two horns between the ears. Designed with lifelike features, this giraffe is absolutely huggable. The tufts of fur on horns and tail are worth noticing, whereas the innocent face of this giraffe will make your kids fall in love with it over and over again. Portable, plush and lightweight, this giraffe will perfect fit the tiny hands of your toddlers. Cute and adorable, this giraffe will become the favorite of your little ones in no time, courtesy its fine detailing right from head to toe.

The Ecokins line is made with recycled materials.  The filling is made of 100% recycled water bottles, but still provides the same soft texture and feel one would expect in a plush item.