City Market-1000 pc Puzzle


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On a quiet afternoon just after a warm rainfall, a man drives his buggy and beautiful horse through the city market as he awaits passengers. The elegant scenery will keep you longing for a day just like this. Artist Samba, uses soft colors to bring this piece to life with the summer flowers bursting out of their beds. Bring home hours of fun and entertainment for everyone, this will soon to be a family favorite! Jigsaw puzzles are also used to boost cognitive skills; develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and task completion. The White Mountain Puzzles –City Market includes 1000 unique interlocking pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Extra large sized pieces for easy handling. Completed puzzle dimensions: 24 X 30 inches. Every White Mountain Puzzle is proudly manufactured in America with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.