Circuit Blox Lights Starter Set

1054 EBLOX

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Unleash your bright child's potentials as its fullest when you get him this E-Blox Lights Toy Set!

This building blocks kit provides hours of fun and educational play for kids 8 and up. The colorful transparent building blocks allow lights to pass through them, creating a dazzling display of colorful lights, bringing your creation to life! An instruction sheet is included which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to connect the sound activated module, multi-LED module, and battery block together. Once those are connected, simply stack the transparent spacer blocks in any configuration and watch your creation light up or dance in different colors as you play music or speak to it! This complete set includes a voice/sound controller module, color-changing lamp module, battery block, and 25 transparent plastic spacers.

E-Blox toys are designed to stimulate child’s imagination and creativity, teaching every child to investigate the world through interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and systematic building of objects. They offer STREAM education – Science, Technology, Reading and Writing, Engineering, the Arts, and Math – through the joy of play and discovery.