Chance Bracelets CT


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Roll the dice and let chance decide your design with Craft-tastic DIY Chance Bracelets! Roll the dice and spin the spinner to figure out which beads to use and how many until you have enough for a bracelet, then craft it! Perfect for jewelry-making on your own or with some friends, this kit comes with 400 beads and reusable design tray to keep your beads and designs contained. Refill the tray with your own beads to keep on designing over and over again! Comes with 6 yds elastic thread in 6 colors, 400 beads, 2 dice, a storage tray with a spinner, and instructions.

  • Let Chance Decide - This Craft-tastic bracelet-making kit turns jewelry-making into a game of chance! Roll the dice and spin the spinner to decide which beads to use to make your bracelet!
  • So Much To Make - Comes with enough material to make over 20 unique bracelets! The beads in each bracelet are decided by fate, and the design is decided by you!
  • Perfect Kit For Kids - The DIY Chance Bracelets kit from Craft-tastic is perfect for kids ages 8 and up to make amazing jewelry on their own or with their friends!
  • Make Again and Again - This kit comes with 12 different types of beads (400 in total), but even if you run out of beads you can still spin to win! Just fill up the spaces with your own beads and keep rolling the dice to decide your designs!
  • Everything Included - Comes with everything you need (except for scissors!) to let chance decide your designs! Comes with 6 yards of elastic thread in 6 different colors, 12 types of beads (totaling 400), 2 dice, a storage tray with spinner, and instructions.