Bingo Explores the Farm

King Publishing

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Bingo Explores the Farm connects children to farm life and a natural world by showing them vivid scenery and daring exploration in color-rich pictures. The story, told from Bingo's perspective, is paired with ground level photography which provides the reader a view from the cat's eyes.

Throughout his narration, Bingo uses his senses while searching for the perfect adventure. Whether attempting to drive a rusty old car, discovering the empty barn, or meeting the frisky horses, Bingo asks questions and encourages children to answer him. Children are included in Bingo's decision making, and this draws them more deeply into his adventures because they feel personally involved with his story.

Bingo was adopted as a teenage cat from Town Cats (, a no-kill rescue shelter in Morgan Hill, California. Town Cats saves hundreds of cats every year from euthanization at county shelters.