Bill & Betty Bricks

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In Bill and Betty Bricks you start with a few blocks on the base and a playing figure (either Bill or Betty) on top of one of these blocks. The challenge gives you a few blocks that you need to use in order to construct a building with straight sides, a flat rooftop and no empty spaces. A white line on the challenge indicates the final shape of the building to help you. The building process feels a lot like a simple Tetris game, except that there is no time pressure and just one correct solution.

The Bill or Betty figure needs to stay somewhere on the building the whole time, to supervise the construction work. It is important to note that people can‰ۡóÁÌ_́ÌÎ_̴Ìöt fly so Bill and Betty must be in contact with the structure at all times. You can not remove them, place a piece, and then put them back on the structure. You can move them as much as you want (left, right, up or down), but they can't climb up or down more than one floor in one step. At the end when your building is ready, the figure should be standing on the roof top.