Bilibo - Yellow


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Magically attractive and deceptively simple, Bilibo's iconic shell shape and bright colors prove immediately appealing to young children. Developed by Swiss designer Alex Hochstrasser for Active People in collaboration with childhood development experts from University Children's Hospital in Zurich, Bilibo's unique form arouses curiosity, stimulates the senses, engages the imagination, and encourages creativity. Both boys and girls can find virtually unlimited ways to play with Bilibos - from rocking, spinning, and sitting to hiding under, carrying with, and peeking through. At home, at the park, at the beach, in the water, and even in the snow, Bilibo provides hours of open-ended play. Bilibo is highly acclaimed by childhood learning specialists and toy experts in both Europe and the U.S. It has been featured in museum exhibitions and has received numerous design awards. Recommended For Ages 2 - 7 Years. Measures 16.0 x 16.0 x 11.0 Inches. Made Of Non-Toxic, Recyclable, High-Density Polyethylene