Bedtime Songs & Lullabye-Tonies


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  • What are they: Tonies are audio stories, songs and books that work together with a Toniebox. Toniebox and Tonies are a new and innovative music player system that combines playing, learning and listening at the same time. Every Tonie needs the Toniebox in order to play.
  • Easy to use: Place any of the Tonies audio characters on top of the music box and it starts playing. Take it off, it stops. It is so easy to use that even 3-year-old toddlers can operate the system
  • Designed for kids: All Tonies are made especially for use by children - with no sharp edges and extremely robust. They are also hand-painted in child-friendly designs with harmless color (certified)
  • Tracklist includes Hush Little Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-bye Baby and more! Total runtime: 40 mins
  • What's Included: tonies Audio Character - Bedtime Songs & Lullabies with 22 Songs. Time: Approx. 40 minutes, Recommended Age Range: 3+, Language: English. Requires Toniebox to use (sold separately)