Beagle Dog Pocketkins-Eco

287 Wild Republic

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Meet the charming Pocketkins-Eco Dog Beagle, a wonderful addition to our eco-friendly stuffed animal collection. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, these pocket-sized companions are made from recycled materials, combining playfulness with environmental responsibility. With a focus on safety and realistic design, these bead-free plush beagles are ready to be cherished companions on all your adventures.

  • Eco-Friendly Play: Enjoy eco-conscious play with these pocket-sized beagle companions, crafted from recycled materials.
  • Lifelike Charm: Experience the joy of having a loyal beagle friend in a plush, realistic form.
  • Certified Safety: Complying with EN71 (EU) standards, these toys prioritize safety while providing fun.
  • Inspiring Curiosity: Ignite wildlife interest in young explorers through imaginative play and adorable companionship.
  • Portably Playful: Designed for travel and everyday companionship, these compact plush beagles are perfect to tag along