All Aboard the Ark


$ 16.99 

A cooperative board game that helps with memory, social development, and team work. Help Noah shepherd animals safely aboard the Ark before the flood waters cover the land with this bible-themed memory game! Get everyone together for a game that is a fun, strategic game for all. Everyone can play and it never gets old. Simple and easy to understand, play again and again. Take turns flipping tiles to try and match all twelve male and female animal pairs. Watch out for the waves because if all ten wave tiles are flipped up before the twelve pairs of animals are matched, the game is lost! Work together to help each other remember where the matching animals are. A fun and non-competitive game that teaches memory, social development, and teamwork. Great for stocking stuffers, secret Santa, or birthday present. This game is fast action, teaches quick addition skills, extremely educational and keeps older minds sharp. Perfect if you're trying to improve your thinking skills! Visit the new neighbors with this family card game will have them entertained for hours. For ages 4 plus. For 2 Players. Includes fun and colorful illustrations of animals that everyone will love. Includes 17"x12" game board, 27 animal tiles, 10 water cards and rules.