Air Square


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  • Yes! It Is Square: Air Square is an unique cool design with special shape and open center for ultra long range flights performance. Compared with traditional round shape flying disc, the square one achieves smooth and accurate flight path. It stands out from other flying discs!
  • Easy Throw & Catch: The flying disc is made with soft rubber. The smooth & soft edges and square shape allow player easier to throw and catch. Safe grip designed especially for kids to play with!
  • High performance flying Disc: The square shape design creates extra initial force for people to throw the flying disc easier and fly incredible distances. A higher quality flying disc for disc golfing!
  • Special Open Center Design: The open center allows players to throw and catch in different styles. The precise weighted design perfectly balances the flying disc and performs accurate, smooth, and stable flight path.
  • New Idea For Outdoor Activity: Available in blue and red 2 vibrant colors; 1 random color. The soft rubberised design edges are safe for kids to play with. A perfect flying disc toys for kids and family to enjoy good time outdoor at a park or beach.