3D Crystal Gem Creations


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Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 3D Crystal Gem Creations is a new and creative arts and crafts kit come packed with everything needed to create beautiful, sparkly 3D gem collectibles

Enjoy creating a 3D sparkly ice cream cone, pineapple, unicorn, heart, and owl. Simple and easy to do – choose your colors, there are 12 to choose from, put the gems on a tray take your gem tool and gem away. The 12 included gem colors are so vivid and iridescent making your figurines super sparkly anyway you look at it. This kit also comes with 2 sets of sticker eyes to apply to the owl and unicorn. Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 3D Crystal Gem Creations comes with gems in 12 colors, 5 figurine, gem tool, gem tray, wax pad, glue, sticker sheet and instructions. 3D Gem Creations kit is great for ages 8 and up.


  • Create your own gem art covered figurines!
  • Easy and fun gem art for all. This kids craft comes with plenty of beautiful vibrant gems
  • Easily add sparkly iridescent gems to 5 figurines to make them into collectibles
  • Apply colorful gems to an owl, pineapple, ice cream cone, unicorn and heart

Set Contents:

  • 5 figurine, 12 colours of iridescent gems
  • Gel tool, gem tray, wax pad, glue
  • Sticker sheet and instructions

Suitable for ages 8 & up